Astrology And Birth Chart Prediction By Astrologer Hemant Sharma Ji

Astrology is a Vedanga (a part of Vedas) and is mentioned in Atharva-Veda consisting of one hundred and sixty five verses. The science of astrology then was movement of the Sun, the Moon etc through the constellations (naksatras) and its applications on the mundane affairs only. As the time passed on the zodiac was divided into 12 signs (rasis) and was made relative to the natives (jatakas). The prime importance was imparted to the naksatras and with the culture exchanges and invasions by the Mohamedans and the Greeks, the Hindu science of astrology got mixed up with the Greek and the Egyptian astrology. The present jyotisa is what has evolved after all this intermingling. The fats in support of this view are the famous classic like Vriddha Yavana Jataka, Tajik Neelakanthi, and Sripati Paddhati etc. For every science and the scientific benefits to the devoted savants of the science for its improvement. There is nothing wrong in it if we have adopted some thing good of others or some one has adopted our good sides.

The Directional Astrology (Dasa Paddhati) of Hindu Astrology is the unique one to predict the time of events as promised by the birth chart or natal horoscope and is the simplest and easiest one to understand and comprehend. The dasa Paddhati gives very satisfactory results when used with the transits (gochara).There are a number of methods given for directing in the Indian and Western systems and some of them are following.
1.Primary directions (one degree of M.C. for one year).
2.Secondary directions (one day for one year).
3.Solar revolutions (Tajik system).
4.Planetary periods (Dasa system).
5.Transits (gochara).

According to Astrologer Hemant Sharma ji the first two systems are Western system. The primary directions are motion of the Sun, the Moon and other planets to M.C., Ascendant (lagna) etc. In secondary directions number of days after birth corresponds to the number of years of life completed and the chart cast for that day with the same time of birth is called progressed horoscope for that particular year and rest of the delineations are done as in the Birth Chart .

Anabolic Steroids Vs Prohormones Like Lg Sciences Methyl 1-d

Anabolic steroids are synthetic substances that relate to the way the male sex hormones operate. Steroids work to promote growth of skeletal muscle and the development of male sexual characteristics in both males and females. It is thought that is was during the 1930’s that scientists discovered that anabolic steroids could in fact promote growth of the skeletal muscle and this unfortunately led to the abuse of the steroid supplements firstly by body builders and weightlifters and later by other athletes in a variety of different sports. It has got to the point now that steroid abuse is so widespread in athletics that it can affect the outcome of some competitions and more and more athletes are being disqualified for use of illicit supplements.

Prohormones are similar in structure, completely natural and have some functional differences that make them “safer” as oral agents. Although they can’t get to the crazy levels that steroids can, the can reach “sane” levels of androgen boosting. One study using 5-DHEA has it boosting testosterone levels as high as roughly 500mg of testosterone injections per week! You can’t just buy off the shelf 5-DHEA though and expect these kinds of results. Also, they are not conclusive, but do give some insight on how much can be done with true prohormones. Prohormones need enzymes to make them active and that rate limiting factor is what may allow them to actually be safer. Also, typical REAL prohormones (not the grey market steroids) do not carry any liver stressing agents. Real prohormones that are legal by DSHEA standards do not contain the 17aMethyl group that causes the liver stress. If you see this in the formula, stay away. The industry has gotten away from responsible manufacturers to ones that have no idea what they are doing and are making very ugly cocktails that throw caution to the wind.

One of the main reasons that people become involved in abusing steroids is that they can see the impact it has on their body and the improvement it has on their athletic performance. In recent years experts have put in place stringent methods to deter steroid abuse in athletics, however there are some new designer drugs that can escape detection so the problem is not dealt with. Still, the people using steroids and prohormones are shown to not be athletes or school kids, but adults that have college degrees and who want to look and feel their best. The environment is filled with estrogens like the alarming BPA or Bisphenol A, which is in most pop bottles and plastics. BPA can act like estrogen in the body, throwing off your normal balance. In this case, prohormones and steroids can benefit people. Also, one of the main “fears” which is prostate cancer, seems to be more about estrogen, than androgens like testosterone. Compared to the xeno-estrogens in the environment, I personally see no reason to not take things like prohormones to bring the body back into balance.

A lot of people dabble in steroids in order to increase their muscle size or to reduce the amount of body fat they have. Even though steroids are effective at improving performance and enhancing muscle mass they do not come without problems. Oral anabolic steroids can have seriously profound effects on the various organs of the human body. The severity of the damage caused to the body depends on the kind of drug that has been consumed, the amount and the duration for which the steroids have been used. It is thought that injectable steroids have lesser adverse effects compare to oral drugs due to the 17aMethyl functional group.

The liver can become damaged if oral anabolic steroids are consumed and consumption may result in cysts, fibrosis, benign and malign tumours and generally cause the liver to deteriorate at a faster pace than usually expected. If the liver is exposed to high levels of oral steroids stressing agents can be released. Only the oral steroids with the 17a Methyl group have this issue and only then if the products are abused. Still, with the morons creating these cocktails, it is absolutely essential to skip these 17aMethyl variants both for scheduled and unscheduled variants. Also, it is important to not drink or abuse other drugs when taking illegal oral steroids. True natural prohormones don’t have these side effects, except for potentially temporarily shutting down your natural LH production which can reduce your natural testosterone production. Since you are supplementing with outside androgens, this isn’t an issue while “on cycle”. People tend to take things like Nolvedex and Arimidex on the black market or take agents like 3-Beta-Hydroxy-Urs-12-En-28-Oic Acid and 2-Phenyl-Di-Benzyl-Benzopyran-4-One available as natural supplements. These in addition to things like ellagic acid and resveratrol, may help your recovery happen more quickly, but either way it will happen on its own.

Anabolic steroids are closely linked to male hormones such as testosterone, if the drugs are abused the male reproduction system is at risk of damage. Long-term exposure can cause the intensity of male hormones such as LH and FSH can be dramatically reduced and a person could even suffer from male breast development. This however has shown to recover in a decent amount of time on its own. Prohormones are similar, but again don’t have the liver stressing agents. Products like Methyl 1-D from LG Sciences may counter act these effects with the inclusion of anti-aromatase agents and estrogen blockers, making it one of the few products to meet my criteria for a valid formula.

Women who take anabolic steroids are also at risk of damage as it can affect the levels of oestrogen and progesterone hormones which in turn can result in a disturbed menstrual cycle. Taking steroids can even result in acne, hair loss, facial hair and breast reduction in women. If women are going to take them, they are better off with nandrolone derivatives like 19NorDHEA. This is because the main virulizing aspect, the conversion to DHT is absent and replaced by the more benign DHN.

Those who take oral steroids increase the risk that blood clots will form in blood vessels and the drugs can potentially disrupt the blood flow around the body. This can have a serious effect on the heart so much so that it will not be able to pump blood around the body in addition to having the potential to raise cholesterol. It is important to get yourself checked out before you use any legal or illegal hormone to ensure you don’t have a preexisting condition. Also, it doesn’t hurt to take some support supplements like CoQ10, Hawthorn Berry, Fish Oil and N-Acetyl-Cystine. Prohormones like Methyl 1-D already have some of these aspects built in, but additional supplements are always a good idea.

Steroids are illegal in the US and on a Schedule III Controlled substance list. Selling or carrying these agents can have a stiff fine. True prohormones like Methyl 1D are exempt from these lists and enjoy that due to their relative safety. Also, true prohormones should satisfy DSHEA which is the FDA law. Very few products meet this criteria and anything with a 17aMethyl is immediately in violation of DSHEA.

If you want the best balance of hormones for your body, check out Methyl 1-D by LG Sciences, it has a host of nutrients that should help increase conversion and reduce side effects. Of course, the science is preliminary and can not be considered conclusive and the results are always dependant on proper diet and exercise. Additionally this article does not constitute medical advise and always check with your doctor before starting any diet and exercise program in conjunction with supplements. Used properly, I believe Methyl 1-D to be a safe alternative to illegal steroids, but should only be used be people over 21.


ABSTRACT The result of improvised instructional materials on students’ performance longitude and latitude at the senior technical colleges was assessed. Two hundred students of all senior technical colleges participated in the study. The students were grouped into two:- control group and experimental group (20 students formed each group “control and experimental”) preset was administered to both groups. Alter exposing the experimental group to treatment, post-test was administered. Mean and standard deviation was computed; ranked are used to answer the research question for the study. The t-test statistics was used in testing the null hypothesis formulated. The finding of this study shows that the group taught with improvised instructional materials performed better than the group taught without any instructional materials. Recommendations were offered on ways to promoting, encouraging and arousing the interest of teachers in the improvisation of mathematics equipment and materials.


INTRODUCTION For the purpose of definition, technical colleges are a post-secondary vocational training programme whose major purpose is the production of technicians and craftsmen. It is a special grade of vocational education which can be distinguished from other educational programmes because more mathematics and science are required in the training programme Okorie (2000) Today the population of Technical colleges has continue to decrease in the country, equally there had been an enormous decrease in the students population. This is due to the unimpressive state of the nation’s economy, the government has found it very difficulty to adequately finance technical colleges and also provide the scientific equipment required by these colleges. Therefore many technical colleges in the country operate without standard mathematics and science laboratories. Obviously the situation is not likely to improve in the nearest future judging from political and economic state of the nation, due to inadequate funding of the schools and colleges in the country. Consequently, the demand for mathematics and science equipment will continue to remain by these schools and colleges and the most feasible way to adjust with this demand is to resort to the improvisation of teaching equipment and materials. In Nigeria and other foreign countries, a lot of research work on improvisation of teaching of mathematics and science subjects had been carried out as part of the effort to promote, encourage and arouse the interest of mathematics and science teachers, educators and curriculum developers in improvisation of teaching equipment and materials. Alghomlan (1990) explain why mathematics teacher should improvise with available materials in other to achieve their aims in teaching. Therefore instructional materials help the teacher to meet individual differences of learners in class by using aid that appeal to different sense (Moronfola, 1983) Aina (2013), stressed that instructional materials are to supplement verbal explanation of concepts or any description so that the learning could be real to the student, therefore the national policy on Education (2004) emphasizes the teaching and learning of science principles, it also stated that the provision and use of science will lay a sound bases for scientific and reflective thinking among pupils. Ugoata (2006); Nwagbo (2008), asserted that teaching equipments and materials are often lacking in our schools. However, some of the equipments needed for teaching mathematics in technical colleges can be improvise to arose the interest of the students. Abimbola (1999), stressed that the primary purpose of instructional materials is to make learning more effective, and also facilitate it. Provision and use of instructional materials for mathematics teaching will lay a sound basis for scientific and reflective thinking among technical students. Studies have shown that the students enjoyed or gain more when improvised materials were used for teaching physics (Aina 2013).this was also supported by Eyetsemitan (2000) and Achimigu (2006) that the use of instructional materials improve achievement in basic science. METHODOLOGY An experimental design was used for this study, in which quasi-experimental approach was used. There was an experimental group and a control group. The experimental group was exposed to improvised materials. Their performances were later compared using the mean scores in pre-test and post test scores. Senior students of all the five Technical colleges in Kwara State were used for this study A total of 200 students comprising of 155 males and 45 females constitute the entire population which was considered appropriate and manageable by the researcher. These students were divided in to two groups. One group was experimental (20) and other group was for control (20) Two groups (A & B) of senior students from all the five technical colleges in the state were taught mathematics lesson on the determination of distance between two points on the earth surface along the lines of latitude. The duration was 45minites each. Each group comprised of twenty (20) students. Group A was taught with improvised instructional materials, while group B, was taught without using improvised materials. At the end of the lesson, group A and B were given a written test, their script were collected and marked, and the scores were later analyzed.

HYPOTHESIS There is no significant difference between the performances of students taught using improvised instructional materials and those taught without using instructional materials.

DATA ANALYSIS Student’s scripts were marked and the scores obtained by each of the two group of student were recorded independently. The mean score of each group was then calculated t – test was also computed to find out whether or not there was any statistical significant difference in the two mean score. RESULTS Table 1 shows the number of students that took part in the pre-test and post- test for each of the two group, i.e. experimental group and control group the table therefore shows that 200 student took part in the pre-test and the 200 students took part in protest. TABLE 1: DISTRIBUTION OF STUDENTS S/NOGroupsNumbers of students Pre- testPost- test AExperimental Group100100 BControl group100100 Total200200

Table II: – shows the mean scores of the two groups in the pre- test. The results indicate that the students had little or no prior knowledge of longitude and latitude due to their poor performance in the pre- test conducted. Table II: MEAN SCORES FOR THE PRE- TEST DescriptionExperimental groupControl group Total score75-IK No of students100100 Mean score23.824 Table III shows the test computation of students taught with improvised instructional material i.e. locally made “globe of the earth” and their counterpart without improvised material

VariablesNoMeanSDDfCalc.tCritical value tDecision Students taught with improvised material10082.59.85998.641.970Rejected Students taught without improvised material10041.56.75 HYPOTHESIS There is no significant difference between the performance of student exposed to improvised instructional material and those not exposed to it. The hypothesis was tested using t-test statistics at 0.05 alpha level of significant. Judging from table 111 above, it is indicated that die t-calculated value is 8.64, while the critical or t- table value in 1-970. Since the t-calculated value is greater than the t-table, therefore null hypothesis is hereby rejected. Hence there is significant difference in the performance of student taught using improvised instructional materials and their counterparts taught without improvised instructional materials. DISCUSSION OF FINDING Pretest mean scores for the two groups are higher than the scores of their post- test of die two groups, experimental group scores was also higher than that of control group scores. Differences in their scores indicate the effectiveness of treatment given to the experimental group. This was confirmed by the t-test statistics computation of the two groups. The treatment easily aroused their interest, aid their retention and stir-up the cognitive conflict in them, thereby engage them in active participation in the lesson presented. The control groups in order hand were just presented with facts and reasons. These act allowed students to a passive participation in the lesson thereby do courses mass failure in mathematics as a subject. CONCLUSION Mathematics teaching/learning at both junior and senior students of technical colleges required a lot of handling of teaching equipment and materials by the student’s before any meaningful learning could be achieved by the teacher. Therefore, in the absence of no unready made equipment, mathematics teachers should be encouraged and advised to always design and construct equipment and material by improvising from the available resources. RECOMMENDATIONS Based on the finding of this study the researcher makes the following recommendations: 1.That a comprehensive syllabus be prepared along with appropriate suggested teaching equipment and material by curriculum planners who are in charge of mathematics to guide mathematics teachers, so that the teaching and learning of mathematic in Nigeria may be thorough enough to achieve the technological development. 2.The national commission for college of education should introduce into the present NCCE curriculum for mathematics a detail comprehensive course on improvisation of mathematics equipment and materials.

REFERENCES Abimbola, A. (1999). Principles and practice of Education Technology, Ibadan, Nigeria: International Publisher. Aina, J. K. (2013). Instructional materials and Improvisation in Physics Class: Implication for Teaching and Learning. IOSR Journal of Research & Method in Education Aigbomlan, D.O. (1990) Improving the attitude of primary school science teachers toward improvisation, Journal of Science Teachers Association of Nigeria, 26 (2), 53-58 Achimugu, L. (2006). Resources Materials for Teaching Primary Science. In U. Nzewi (ed). Science Teachers Association of Nigeria Annual Conference Proceedings, 339-345. Heinemann Publishers Plc. Eyetsemitan, P.E. (2002). Curriculum Design and Development: The Teaching and Learning of STM with the Primary Science Curriculum. In M.A.G. Akale (eds) 43rd Science Teachers Association of Nigeria Annual Conference Proceedings, 420-425. Heinemann Publishers Plc. Federal Ministry of Education (2004) National policy on Education. Lagos, NERDC Morohunfola, P.I (1983). A study of relationship between instructional resources and students’ academic performance. (Unpublished master’s thesis) University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.

Nwagbo, C. (2008). Science, Technology and Mathematics (STM) curriculum development; Focus on problems and prospects of Biology Curriculum Delivery. N. Udofia (eds) 49th Science Teachers Association of Nigeria Annual Conference Proceedings. 13-15. Heinemann Publishers Plc. Okorie, JU (2001) Vocational industrial education, league of researchers in Nigeria (LRN) Bauchi Nigeria. Uyoata, U.E. (2006). Availability, selection and utilization of instructional resources for teaching Primary Science in Uyo Local Government Education Authority, Akwa.


Amadeus Consulting discusses Art + Science in Custom Software Development

As someone who has witnessed the amazing changes in custom software development over the past 25 years, I have seen the vast improvements that both the Art and the Science of technology have experienced. While they once stood independently, those two principles have definitely converged. Personally, though I have been in the development world for a while, I am still amazed at the level of creativity, technology and change that we see every year. Could anyone 20 years ago have pictured the capabilities of Silverlights Deep Zoom? Or Flashs level of glossy interactivity?

One of Amadeus Consultings Guiding Principles is to Develop great software with both science and art,” because we feel so strongly that these two software development factors converge to make the most successful and inspiring technology for our clients. To us, science means how you use something, and art is not only how something looks, but how you interact and think about something.

Lets walk a little bit through the history of the two principles and see how they have finally come together to form and create the tools, Websites, and software we all use every day and at Amadeus Consulting.

We have Science, but wheres the Art?

The time was 30 B.C. (Before Creativity) also known as the eighties, most people associate with the time of DOS and very minimalistic looking user interfaces, simplistic inputs and structure, structure, structure.

When COBOL was the primary development language, there really was not much of an Art to any of it, computers simply had not been thought of as a medium for wild creativity. Sure there were games, and word processing programs, but the design was pretty flat, very text driven. The only real artistic consideration was the background color, which certainly felt exciting at the time. I even remember my go-to method for text placement, counting pixels! (Can you imagine asking anyone to do that day-to-day now?)

Art + Science, working side-by-side

Fast-forward to 15 years ago or 15 A.D. (After Design). With the introduction of HTML 1.0, customization and art were starting to trickle into custom application programming, allowing people to not only choose background colors, but different fonts, font colors and even pictures. The science and art of software programming were working side-by-side, and often as is the case with tricky technology, against one another.

As this was the Web 1.0 phase of the Internet, the level of interactivity from a user standpoint was zero. If you lacked the technical skills to be a custom programmer, you interacted with the Internet in a very static and read-only way. One of the difficulties I remember having is getting photo and text to line up with one another. Because the tools for text input were far more developed than for graphical input, getting a photo in the right place required a lot of trial and error.

The Marriage of Art + Science

Alternative Medicine Science- Emerging Career Opportunities

The use of plants for healing and curing different disease is not new. It is an ancient medical science, popularly known as alternative medicine science and counted among the most widely known therapies. Today it is considered safer, natural, and inexpensive. It is one of its own kinds of medical science that is primarily based on the medical traditions and focus on the curing based on capabilities of herbs and different other natural elements. In addition to this, the key feature that makes this medical science different conventional method is basically it empowers patient to prevent disease, instead of having to rely exclusively on a medical professional. It mainly emphasizes on the patient’s entire internal condition, along with the state of mind and emotional balance.

Today if we look at the current scenario the method of treating different disease by making the best use of alternative medicine science has been increased. In recent times, many people have started using this form of medicine for curing their disease. In fact, as per the recent survey conducted by the National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine of the United States, it has even been revealed that near about 36% of Americans are using this form of medicine. As a result, in the last few years, many career fields in this medicine science have emerged at phenomenon pace. Today there are many fields and career opportunities available for study in alternative medicine institute settings through distance learning or correspondence education programs. These mainly include:

Acupuncture- Acupuncture is truly a very rewarding career. Its effectiveness has been proved in many treatments and today it is practiced at many part of the world. It is thousand years old treatment procedure and has a very good career growth potential. In fact, today it is one of the most requested forms of treatment in the fast-growing field and holds promise as one of the key modalities to be used in current and future integrative medical settings.

Massage therapy- Massage therapy is another field that too offers enormous growth opportunities. It is one of the few professions that too offer lucrative income and rewarding career growth opportunities. All you need is to enroll in alternative medicine program focused on massage therapy. Today this field is estimated that the career field will continue to grow at a faster than average rate over the next several years.

Herbal medicine- With the demand for alternative medicine on the rise, the herbal medicine is another field that further provides a variety of opportunities in different professional fields including positions such as herbalists, natural healing practitioners, Ayurvedic practitioners, and related fields in iridology.

Naturopathic medicine- Naturopathic medicine covers every aspects of family health from prenatal to geriatric care, with a special focus on whole-patient wellness. The prospect for making a prosperous living in this field is extremely very excellent for the foreseeable future. The key feature that is making a career in this field different from other is it focuses on getting at the causes of disease, instead of merely treating the symptoms of disease.

Indian Ayurvedic medicine- Today making a career in ayurvedic medicine too has its own rewards. An ayurveda practioners can be self-employed or may even work at established private practices or wellness centers where different forms of alternative medicine are basically used in conjunction with modern medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine- Careers in Chinese medicine are much diverse and include various healing arts professions like Chinese medical massage therapists, acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists. However, depending on the time you would like to invest in achieving, you should examine the proper alternative medicine program or course that can meet your aspirations. These are some of the top emerging career options in alternative medicine science that has gained wide popularity and in next few years each of them are going to gain more reputation.

All About Dental Science

Dental science means dealing with health problems afflicting the mouth, the teeth, the gums and the other hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. This field is rapidly changing and is creating many opportunities and challenges for those who plan to take up a career in dental science. Those who are in the practice of dentistry are known as dentists. Other people aiding in oral health service are called dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, and dental therapists.

Dentistry is that branch of medicine which deals with the study and practice of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the mouth, the maxilla, and the face. This field of science also includes cosmetology under which the dentists try to improve the patients appearance by using a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures. Some of dentistry specialization areas are:

Dental Public Health It is a study of dental epidemiology and social health policies.
Endodontics It is a root canal therapy and study of diseases of the dental pulp.
Orthodontics – It deals with straightening and aligning teeth and jaws.
Periodontics This field takes care of gums and diseases that might affect them.
Operative Dentistry or Endodontics This area specializes in root canal jobs, fillings and cosmetic surgery.
Prosthodontics It involves making of artificial teeth.
Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology It is a study as well as treatment of oral and maxillofacial related diseases.
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology It is a study and radiologic interpretation of of oral and maxillofacial surgery.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery It deals specifically with surgeries of the mouth and the jaw.
Oral pathology It provides the diagnosis for diseases that affect the mouth.

Eligibility criteria:-
All those candidates who have passed 10+2 with physics, chemistry, biology, with at least 50% marks are eligible for admission in the Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS) course. The all India Pre-medical / Pre-dental Entrance exam that is conducted by CBSE is common for both the MBBS and the Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS).

Personal skills required:-
If a candidate is willing to take up BDS, he / she must have patience, stamina to work hard for long periods, good health, cool temperament, strong interpersonal skills, concentration power, manual dexterity, accuracy along with a keen eye for detail.

Job Scope and Career Options:-
There are opportunities galore for dentists in dental departments in hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics and health departments as well as teaching departments in dental colleges. Besides that, dentists can work in the Research and Advisory functions of pharmaceutical and other companies producing oral care products and medicines like a toothpaste, mouth wash, gum care products etc. There are some dentists who prefer self-employment like many other doctors, which is also a lucrative option.

Colleges offering dental courses:

SRM University, Chennai
Meenakshi University, Chennai
The Tuberculosis Research Centre (TRC), Chennai
Shri Ramachandra University, Chennai
Saveetha University, Chennai
Rajas Dental College, Chennai
Madras Institute of Development Studies University of Madras, Chennai
The open International University For Alternative Medicines, Kolkata
Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Science & Research (GNIDSR), Kolkata
Inter Global Education Services, Kolkata
North Bengal Medical College University of North Bengal, Darjeeling
M.A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Science and Research Center, Pune
Bhaarti Vidyapeeth University, Pune
College of Nursing, AFMC Pune
Bharati Vidyapeeth University Dental College, Pune
University of Mumabi, Mumbai
Sancheti Orthopedic Research Institute, Pune
Government Medical College, Nagpur
Enine School of Medical Transcription, Mumbai
Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai
Saraswati Vidya Bhavan College of Pharmacy University of Mumbai, Mumbai
SRM University, Ghaziabad
All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Delhi
University of Delhi, Delhi
Maulana Azad Dental College, Delhi
Protonix Research Services Pvt Ltd, Delhi
University College Of Medical Sciences, Delhi
Hindustan Institute of Dental Science, Greater Noida
Shree Bankey Bihari Dental College and Research Centre, Ghaziabad
Manav Rachna Dental College, Faridabad
Sri Gobind Tricentinary Dental College, Hospital and Research Institute of Gurgaon
Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College University of Delhi, Delhi
Sudha Rustagi College of Dental Science & Research, Faridabad
I.T.S. Centre for Dental Studies and Research, Ghaziabad
Indira Gandhi College of Physical Education & Sport Sciences, University of Delhi, Delhi
Clinnovo Research Labs, Hyderabad
Government Dental College and Hospital, Hyderabad
Gandhi Institute Of Technology And Management, Visakhapatnam, Visakhapatnam,

Aka Dua In The Atlantean Science Of The Toltecs

The Atlanteans used to believe that this was a temporary stage, this Earth. They believed that they came from Mars. Before that, they were from that planet that was destroyed that used to exist between Jupiter and Mars, which left all those asteroids. Every time they leave a planet, they destroy it, just like the egg is destroyed when the bird is born.

The Atlanteans conceived of evolution on a planetary scale, not on a human scale. To attain planetary consciousness was one stage of evolution. To attain stellar consciousness was even higher. So they kept trying. What they said when they talked about their own history was that they came from Mars and that Mars was a failed experiment. They tried to do something there and they destroyed Mars in the process of finding a way of getting here, to the Earth.

They called the migrants from Mars Lemurians. The Atlanteans said they came from the Lemurians. The Atlanteans were a higher race than us, the humans of today. They actually had seven different races but collectively they were a higher race than we are. When most of the other humanoids who walked upright like humans do dispersed through the globe, the Atlanteans thought of all of us as no better than smart monkeys. Thats what we were.

They thought their task was to figure out how to escape this planet and move closer to the Sun. Eventually they had to find a way to reach the solar sphere and live there. You cant do that with this body, not even the astral body. You need higher bodies to do that. The Atlanteans were looking to move from here to Venus, eventually from there to the Sun, when something went wrong. The Atlanteans were destroyed.

If you think in terms of progressive evolution and that is your map, the next stage from here is Venus. What stands behind Venus is the Solar Being, what the Greeks called the Telos, the ultimate end or aim for evolution. The Atlanteans thought of it as the Sun. Then the way to the SunVenusshares on the nature of that ultimate end.

Venus is the Morning Star. You see it early in the morning and you see it late at night. Of course, its not a star; its a planet, but it hovers in between the light and the darkness. It exists in the spaces in between. The Morning Star is the bringer of light, the one who announces the coming of the Sun, the messenger. While it is true that, in Greek myth, Mercury is the messenger, Venus is the light-bringer. In Christian traditions, Venus is Lucifer, the devil, Jesus, and women and their diseases.

We see Venus as a planet. Others have seen it as a star, mistakenly. But the Atlanteans see it as part of evolutionary science. The science of the Atlanteans has a telos, a direction. We needed to create technology in order to accomplish this aim, and this meant going to Venus and eventually going to the Sun.

Atlantis was just a series of small islands, and the Atlanteans had their caste system, their governmental system, their priests, and their customs. They kept all of that to themselves on those tiny islands. Every other creature on Earth, including us, they saw as more or less the same as we see all the other animals and species. They saw us as animals that they had better leave alone because we were far too violent. Then Atlantis was destroyed and the Atlanteans had to go to different places to survive that catastrophe. They mixed with everyone else, so Atlanteans as a race disappeared. Their knowledge, however, is said to have been passed on.

One of the things that was passed on was a substance called the Sro. It is a physical substance with energetic properties. Its energy is like that of the Suncome too close and youll get sunburned. The exposure to it can have tremendous benefit in change. The Sro is the solar essence that connects this world to the Sun.

The Sro goes through different stages of refinement. So if were looking for an actual substance, well probably find it as something that we can call material or solid only in the first few levels of refinement. At the higher levels we would need the type of technology the Atlanteans had to be able to think of it in terms of physical. Sro, by the way, is what later in Sanskrit comes to be known as Sri”Holy.” Sri is one of the titles given to some Indian holy men.

The Atlanteans had a saying that said you either work with the Sro or you work for the Sro. And they saw working with the Sro as the lower level of technology; working for the Sro was a higher level of work. It would be similar to saying that you are either a technician who works with technology (you know how to repair things; you know how to make things) or you are a scientist who studies the principles of things.

The Sro in one of its forms, now called Aka Dua, is what was kept alive through a lineage that later becomes a Toltec line. Initially they were simply calling it “power.” Aka Dua is not the Sro itself; its a derivative of it which has specific vibrational qualities. Aka Dua is a physical substance, which is why the process of endowing someone with it is called a transmission. So the energy when that you feel when such a person “sends” Aka Dua comes from Aka Dua, but is not itself Aka Dua. Rather, its an energy field that emanates from Aka Dua. Its like the magnet. The magnet is a physical thing, but what you actually feel emanating from that is a magnetic field, not the magnet itself.

The Aka Dua acts as the catalyst in a certain electrochemical process. That is to say, the Aka Duas presence makes a transformative reaction happen under the right conditions, but it itself is unchanged through that process and remains afterward. In this transformative process, the bodys negative reverberations are burned and the energetic field is produced.

Negative reverberations are unwilled, unconscious vibrations within the body that usually manifest as the lower emotions, unconscious movements, chattering thoughts, and so on. The sexual energy, which is our universal power source, is the fuel that also gives off these negative (unwilled) reverberations as fumes to the extent that we are not able to direct the sexual energy consciously and to channel it effectively. Attention is the fire that burns these fumes, these negative reverberations. Here too, as we are, the attention is not usually under our conscious control but is pulled and scattered by external stimuli.

When Aka Dua is present, the consciously directed attention transforms the bodys negative reverberations into a powerful field of energy that can be felt by others. The process of sending Aka Dua is thus somewhat misleadingly named. The Aka Dua healer or worker directs the attention consciously to the receiver and also opens him or herself to energetic feedback from the receiver, thus creating an energetic circle or circuit. The attention burns his or her negative reverberations and that burning produces a byproduct in the presence of the Aka Dua. That byproduct is what is felt as the energy field. So that energy field that is produced when “sending Aka Dua” is not itself the Aka Dua but does emanate from the Aka Dua and partakes of its specific solar vibrational qualities.

This use of the attention to create a feedback loop in the circulation of energy is what I have elsewhere called The Transformational Circuit “The Transformational Circuit.”

The Aka Dua substance would be found in the oldest Egyptian rituals. You will find it in some of the secret Templar rituals, in some of the rites of the Magithe magicians. Some of them have it only by name; others have the actual energy with it.

I received the Aka Dua substance from a line coming from the Toltecs, from a priestly line of spiritual teachers that can trace their lineage back to Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl and from there back to the Atlanteans. Its not the only line on Earth but its the one the Aka Dua is connected to.

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Adhyatama (self- Spiritual Science) , Jyotish (astrology) And Ayurveda Complete Each Other

In this world, rules and siddhantaas,discipline, adhyatama, astrology and ayurveda etc are the pillars to make the human life happy. Any of these have not been designed to make life sorrowful. In this article, we try to throw some light on the topic that adhyatama, astrology and ayurveda complete each other. Elders,sages and our religious texts also indicate that no matter how difficult the times are but blessings from GOD can make it easy, no matter what physical pain you are in but Ayurveda can help you, and the biggest problems can be solved by astrological help.

The living being is composed of five elements and the beliefs in Sanatan Dharma call these five elements as DEVTA and hence we have Agni devta, Vaayu devta, Jal devta, Dharti maata, Aakash pita balance of these five elements gives us a healthy , prosperous and happy life.

When these five elements loose their balance then they result in mental and physical problems. To solve these problems astrological help; under ayurveda, the different vanaspati help in obtaining various tatvas or for decreasing of any tatva we get various medicinal plants and all these things we have by GODs grace and we have cure for all problems.

It is a very detailed subject and the details will be given in the coming editions and in the coming times Sarvagya muni Pandit Satyendra Bhardwajs written book will be with us in which it will be mentioned how astrology can help us know that at a particular time which planet is in the wrong position and due to this which tatva is less or more in the body and thus resulting in problems, also the book will give us knowledge relating to that tatva and which food elements to use less or more to get benefits.

It is well known that Surya and Mangal are agni tatva planets .Clove, javitri, jaiphal ,sonth etc are also agni tatva medicines. Sun God, Goddess Mahakaali, Lord Hanumaan, Planet Mars are agni tatva .Moon and Venus are jal tatva planets.Juicy foods are jal tatva medicines. Goddess Saraswati , Lord Brahma and Jal Devta are also jal tatva .Similarly all five elements of astrology are present in seven planets. Medicines are present in Ayurveda and deities in Adhyatama.

Needless to say that how deeply these things are related to human life . It is well known that during sorrow, astrology and ayurveda and adhyatama give us hope. These give relief to us at least at the mental level and this is proof enough of their effectiveness.

According to Indian culture, to lead a happy life there is no fourth option besides above three. All three are regulated by nature. When used in saatvik manner, these three give us healthy life , healthy society, healthy country and healthy world. Rajogun, Satogun, Tamogun are part of Astrology, Ayurveda and Adhyatam like Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Actuarial Actuarial Science, Actuary & Me

Actuarial Science? What are actuarial science and actuary? Are they the same things? According to Wikipedia, Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries. An actuary is a business professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Actuaries have a deep understanding of financial security systems, their reasons for being, their complexity, their mathematics, and the way they work.

You can be a genius in mathematics but not must in actuarial science. Actuarial science is NOT ALL about mathematics, but involving lots of statistics, modelling, finance, economics, accounting and so on. So, even when you don’t end up as an actuary, you will still have other career options such as working in risk management, investment, etc. Hence, if you love mathematics, you will love pure mathematics. If you love applying mathematics (in business or economics), you will love actuarial science.

Actuarial science DOES NOT guarantee a HIGHLY paid job. Only qualified Actuary get paid in millions depend on the need in different countries. Fresh actuarial science graduate does not make you different from any other graduates at all. And, there are MANY Malaysians currently studying actuarial science. (JPA scholars, Bank Negara scholars, SC scholars, Khazanah scholars, UKM, UM, UiTM, USIM, UTAR, INTI, Taylor, HELP)

Its easy to get a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science. But it’s not easy to be an actuary. Undoubtedly, the route becoming an actuary is a very tough. If not, millions of people will become actuaries and the job prospect for actuaries will be really bad. My advice is thinking thrice before you make a decision to get into the program, don’t jump into it for the wrong reason, i.e. money. I know that some actuarial majors brag about actuaries getting paid millions, including me! Yes, it is true but take note that you only get paid well if you’re good in term of many things, such as soft skills.

Become an actuary, you must not have the actuarial science degree. You can become an actuary by taking any bachelors degree, but it is better to take something related degree, like mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, etc. The most important is the professional exams. But, most people who take actuarial science fail to become a qualified actuary.

What are the criteria to become an actuary? According to Be An Actuary website, you must have an excellent business sense with a knowledge of finance, accounting, and economics, keen analytical, project management, and problem solving skills, specialized math knowledge, strong computer skills, and solid written and oral communication skills. In addition, you must enjoy learning, like to solve complicated problems, enjoy writing and talking to people, can work effectively alone or as part of a team, are interested in a variety of historical, social, legislative, and political issues, and are self-motivated achievers.

After a short briefing of actuarial science and actuary, lets talk about Why Actuary? If I say I take this course not because the highly competitive salary, then you will definitely not believe me! To be honest, yes, the MAJOR reason I choose actuary as my career is because FINANCIAL FREEDOM (just a major reason, there are some minor reasons). Then, I thought that I have a moderate amount of logical, mathematical, and analytical ability. Since I do not want to teach, being more practical than abstract, mathematically, I thought that being an actuary would be all right. And as a not-so-bad student, I have no other choices! Because there is a myth in Malaysia: Best student always take Medicine, Engineering or Actuarial Science. Finally, I choose actuary as my career due to the myth.

If you are really interested in Actuarial Science, what I think is that getting a local degree or overseas degree is just the same. The most important is the professional examination. There are many ways to pursue actuarial science degree, since I am studying in local university, I just talk about the local one (Malaysia). For SPM students, you can try to get the scholarship, such as JPA/MARA (I think it will become easier to get this scholarship after the 308! ), Bank Negara, Khazanah, SC, Great Eastern and so on. If you didnt get it, you can try to get into Asasi UiTM (for Bumiputera only!), Matriculation, STPM or Private College/University, like INTI, Taylor, HELP ).

After Matriculation or STPM, with CGPA 4.00, you may do actuarial science degree locally at UKM, UM, USIM, UiTM. For non-Bumi, you just can gain the admission into UM or UKM only. One more option is UNITAR.

Well, for those who aspires to become an actuary but failed to get admission to the course, should not give up but instead go into courses like Statistics or Mathematics and start taking actuarial professional examinations.

The path to become an actuary involves going through a well-structured education plan. This involves university-level education and professional examinations, as well as other requirements. You should prepare and start your professional examinations since the first year you get into to University or College ( or even STPM ). For the professional examinations, you have to think about what are the options of societies or institutes.

For me, like my most other seniors, choosing Society of Actuaries (SOA). But now, I am still just a second-year, first-semester actuarial student. The road is still very long. I hope can finish 5 papers before my graduation. Here we go!